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Mapping of Financial Inclusion and Recommendations to the Central Bank to Collect and Measure Financial Inclusion in Haiti 2017

Context: Since 27% of Haitians had access to formal financial services (FINDEX 2011), the Central Bank (BRH) defined a National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) with the World Bank in 2014. This project remained on standby until the creation of the Financial Inclusion Unit within BRH (2017) to coordinate the implementation of the NFIS. The objective of the BRH is to ensure greater access to savings, credit and other financial products and services with the aim of reducing poverty and income inequality to support a more inclusive society, both financially and economically.

Objective: 1) Map Financial Inclusion in Haiti, Including Digital Financial Services (DFS) 2) Identify the data currently collected for regulatory reporting from financial service providers, and identify gaps/improvements for financial inclusion mapping and monitoring 3) Develop a strategy and action plan with BRH to strengthen its financial inclusion capacities

Deliverables: 1) Desk review of the financial inclusion strategy and monitoring indicators defined 2) Preliminary interviews with stakeholders (Banks, MFIs, Saving groups, non-bank agents, transfer houses reporting to the BRH, different entities of the BRH) 3)Initial analysis of reporting templates to analyze shortcomings, weaknesses and suggest recommendation. 4)Sharing workshop and reflection to identify a strategy and an action plan for monitoring financial inclusion and make recommendations on capacity building

Feasibility Study on Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Colombia – 2012

Context: Grameen Foundation wanted to understand the role it could play supporting the development of mobile financial services in Colombia, and especially in rural areas linked to agri-value chains.

Objective: Deliver an inventory of rural customers’ needs and develop business models, including; recommendations on specific roles for the Foundation to enhance the development of MFS.

Deliverables: Report on customer needs in rural Colombia; overview and ranking of various partners on the supply side (banks, MNOs, MFIs, technology providers, distribution and retail chains) based on desk research and visits to these partners. PowerPoint summary of three potential business models and the strategy that Grameen Foundation could adopt in each one.

Launch Plan for Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in Panama – 2011

Context: Cable & Wireless, a mobile network operator needed assistance in its preparation for the launch of mobile financial services in Panama.

Objective: Support the MNO in the key domains of successful implementation; consumer and marketing strategy; distribution management; IT procurement and business case development.

Deliverables: Detailed business strategy and implementation plan; validation of existing business case; bank partnership recommendations and guidance in negotiations, regulations, vendor shortlist and assessment of internal operations and business processes.

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