Europe & Central Asia

Feasibility of Mobile Money for selected EFSE countries Moldova, Albania, Turkey 2012-2013

Context: The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) fosters economic development and prosperity by providing loans to microfinance institutions and banks in the region.

Objective: Identify the Partner Lending Institutions who would benefit from branchless banking development assistance.

Deliverables: Diagnosis of the competitive landscape; strategy to enter the marketplace; and recommendations for adapted technical assistance to the identified partners.

Procurement of Internet banking application for Xacbank in Mongolia 2012

Context: XacBank is a licensed (microfinance) bank in Mongolia. It launched Internet banking in 2005-2006 with a system developed in-house. Currently about 10,000 clients are using this channel and it wants to procure an application from an (international) provider.

Objective: Assist XacBank in the procurement of a new internet banking system, able to link to its corebank system.

Deliverables: Shortlist of vendors (with contact persons and details); RFP document; RFP bid analysis; summary report.

Promotion Campaign for www.GeldnaarHuis.nl – the Netherlands

Context: www.GeldnaarHuis.nl is a remittance price comparison website in the Netherlands and IntEnt manages the website. IntEnt organised a promotional campaign to boost online visits.

Objective: raise awareness about migration and remittances amongst second and third generation migrants studying at Dutch universities. Make students (as potential senders) more cost conscious concerning the channel they use to transfer money.

Deliverables: PowerPoint presentations and workshops at various universities in the Netherlands.

Financial Literacy & Remittances Project Design Handbook

Context: GIZ and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation in Germany commissioned the production of a handbook on financial literacy for remittance senders and recipients.

Objective: highlight the methodological options to support remittance senders and recipients with financial literacy tools.

Deliverables: FReDI: a handbook to guide the design of new projects aiming to foster 1) financial inclusion of migrants and their families 2) the productive use of remittances. Five different project methods were distinguished; workshops with experts in remittances, migration and microfinance to review the handbook.

Technical Assistance for Banks and Insurance Companies – Romania and Ukraine

Context: ING international and governments provided consultancy services to banks and insurance companies in developing economies.

Objective: acquire projects focused on technical advisory for postal/retail banks and insurers; coordinate projects and provide consultancy services.

Deliverables: project co-ordination of complex institution building projects in the financial services industry in Indonesia, Taiwan and the Ukraine (teams of 2-12 fte); acquisition of a project with an insurance company in Sri Lanka; consultancy on topics such as; product development and delivery channels for state savings banks in the Ukraine and Romania.

Developing Money Transfer Agents, Financial & Remittance Products with MFIs – Europe

Context: MFIC wanted to expand its money transfer business by leveraging the support of distribution partners, agent networks, and ultimately improve access to finance for migrants and their families.

Objective: identify and establish business development opportunities for a remittance processing platform.

Deliverables: a study of the regulatory and licensing framework of payment institutions in Europe; proposals for projects with MFIs in Africa; relationships established with banks and money transfer agents in several European countries.

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