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UNDCF project for the development of Digital Financial Services (DFS) in Laos PDR – 2014 to 2016

Context: In Lao PDR, UNCDF Making Access to Finance More Inclusive for Poor People (MAFIPP) is a UNCDF sector support programme in partnership with the Bank of Lao PDR (BOL) which seeks to improve access of poor rural households to a variety of financial services and markets, improving rural household incomes.

Objective: Provide support to UNCDF in implementing the country strategy related to BB and MFS in Lao PDR with all BB and MFS stakeholders (central bank and institutions, banks and mobile operators). Conduct all marketing and communication activities (studies, strategy, plans, design, implementation, testing and roll-out) for the pilot with BCEL (Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur) the largest bank in Laos.

Deliverables: Program coordination, reporting and market development; Knowledge raising and capacity building; Product development; Agent network development; Regulatory support; Stakeholders support to put in place the pilot

Opportunity and Feasibility study for Mobile Banking (MB) in Cambodia  2013

Context: AMRET is an MFI with 300K clients. The project is part of Agrifin (Agriculture Finance Support Facility) sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and managed by the World Bank.

Objective: Define secure, efficient and innovative financial services and their delivery to the rural areas

Deliverables: Market survey on the needs of the rural market for deposit and other non-credit financial services; Opportunities and constraints presented by both AMRET strategy and internal capacities and the environment; Recommendations on the options for the development of rural non-credit financial services

Deploy Mobile Financial Services Business Model for MFIs in the Philippines 2013

Context: Scaling Innovations in Mobile Money (SIMM) is a 2-year USAID project to scale the uptake of mobile money adoption and usage in the Philippines.

Objective: Reduce operating costs of MFIs in loan disbursement and collections of loan amortization, microinsurance premiums, savings; Increase loan officers productivity, expand outreach, offer new products or services.

Deliverables: Draft MFS business model, Pilot implementation and finalize MFS business model.

IFC Mobile and Branchless Banking (MB & BB) Program Evaluation – Indonesia – 2013

Context: In 2008, IFC wanted to play a catalytic role in the development of a transformational mobile banking model in Indonesia. With a US$ 2m budget, IFC engaged with the Bank of Indonesia (BI) and developed two pilots with Bank Sinar and AXIS, and with Bank Andara.

Objective: Evaluate if the program effectively changed the regulatory environment and demonstrated the business case for improved financial services based on mobile phone technology to the underserved.

Deliverables: Evaluation of the results towards intended outputs, outcomes and impacts of the program; Identification of the lessons learned for IFC continuation in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world.

E-Channels Strategy for Bank South Pacific – Papua New Guinea

Context: Since 2009, BSP has a Transformational Program, which comprises the review of the portfolio of retail products and the implementation of electronic delivery channels.

Objective: Change the channel mix for all transactions moving from branch based over the counter to electronic channels.

Deliverables: Improved and redesigned e-channels strategy resulting in a 40% growth of eftpos transactions with 120% more eftpos merchants; 22% increase in ATM transactions; 48% growth in mobile banking transactions with 35% increase in active users and 311% increase in internet banking transactions.

ATM Operations Improvement for Bank South Pacific – Papua New Guinea

Context: Since 2009, BSP has a Transformational Program, which comprises the review of the portfolio of retail products and the implementation of electronic delivery channels.

Objective: Improve performance and monitoring of ATM operations and identify economies of scale; lowering cost per ATM.

Deliverables: Updated procedures and work instructions covering the full value chain of ATM management.

Product Management for Bank South Pacific – Papua New Guinea – 2011

Context: Since 2009, BSP has a Transformational Program, whch comprises the review of the portfolio of retail products and the implementation of electronic delivery channels.

Objective: 1. The redesign and implementation of a basic transaction account and a savings account (to replace 6 existing products) 2. Coaching the product management team.

Deliverables: A comprehensive methodology for product management was used, covering the commercial, marketing, organizational and technical aspects and training for the products. On 15 March 2011, the products were successfully introduced.

Site Visits and Studies on Mobile Money Business Models – the Philippines

Context: In collaboration with Smart Communications and Globe Telecom (some of the first pioneers) to coordinate activities highlighting and supporting mobile money developments in the Philippines.

Objective: Create awareness for different opportunities in mobile money; establish best practices and showcase the impact of mobile money on social and financial inclusion; as well as provide an insight into new services beyond P2P payments.

Deliverables: Research on business models and partnerships; site visits and workshops organised with SMART and Globe Telecom (GXI) to give partners and anyone interested in mobile money a real experience of different use cases. Marketing collateral produced to reflect the successes of different stakeholders (MNOs, banks and rural banks).

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