Our Mission

“We support our clients to develop viable financial services and innovative delivery channels”

PHB Development’s mission is to support our clients in their efforts to expand and improve access to financial services for the un(der) banked, with a focus on innovative financial services and delivery channels. PHB uses the power of its human expertise and customized strategies for technology to create a positive impact that improves quality of life in areas of need.

To accomplish this, we work with a wide range of stakeholders involved in the digital microfinance sphere:

  • Development Finance Institutions and Social investors
  • Governments and Central Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Mobile network operators (MNOs)
  • 3rd party service providers
  • DF+ Organizations
  • Development agencies and international institutions

PHB has successfully carried out more than 100 assignments and gained collective experience in Central Europe and Asia, Middle-East and North Africa, Central and West Africa, East and Southern Africa, Latin America, Southern Asia and the Pacific. Our experience covers more than 65 countries in developing or least developed countries.

Four core values guide our work:

  1. Collaboration with our clients to achieve shared objectives;
  2. Complementary competencies to add value to our client’s capabilities;
  3. Combining innovation and pragmatism to create operational solutions;
  4. Cultural awareness to seamlessly adapt our approach for a sustainable result.

PHB is active in training and coaching counterparts, while providing learning opportunities to interns and staff at different levels.  Knowledge is shared with clients and the public through platforms including articles and conferences.

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