Our Vision

“A world in which all men and women have better access to financial services as a means to enhance their quality of life”

PHB Development is a social enterprise, with a core focus on financial inclusion through innovative financial services design and delivery. As a specialized consulting group, our clients receive our full commitment to achieve the established objectives, as we apply innovative commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human well-being.

Our vision is a world in which technology is adapted to needs and behaviors to provide all men and women better access to financial services as a means to enhance their quality of life. We are seeing progress toward this vision, as the broader application of digital finance for the poor in developing countries has increased their financial inclusion and development.

PHB Development has gained valuable expertise from its diverse range of projects on key services that can positively impact the economic situation of low-income people:

  • Social, community and family (domestic and international) digital transfers such as the national social safety net programs in Nigeria and Ethiopia;
  • High volume and retail digital payments such as the tea, dairy, maize and coffee value chains in Uganda, or the payment of Ebola workers in Liberia and Sierra Leone;
  • Digital saving and loans products like MoKash in Uganda, and upcoming products for an MFI with a presence in several African countries
  • DF+ services (such as health, education and utilities like water and electricity) where populations can access and pay digitally for services/goods like for Manobi developing Mwater in Benin or SNV developing biomass and water services for the pastoralists in the north of Mali.
  • Easy-to-reach customer assistance, enabling clients to comprehend the services, providing them with the capacity to manage these services.  

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