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What are eWorkshops?

An eWorkshop is an online learning event that is the closest equivalent to the most engaging face-to-face workshop. It is a highly interactive, professionally facilitated learning event built around an exchange of experience among peers.

Tasks are designed according to collaborative problem-based learning principles. They require learners to apply newly learned skills by making simulated decisions in the context of real-life problems.

eWorkshops are especially designed for people with:

  • Busy work schedules (over a period of several weeks, participants need to log in only one hour a day)
  • Limited access to computers (learners can participate at any time of the day, via computer or via mobile)
  • Unreliable, low-bandwidth internet (all interaction is asynchronous, and no video is used)

The interface and tools used are easy to understand and therefore suitable for people with basic ICT skills and no previous experience with online learning.

PHB offers its eWorkshop in collaboration with the Gateway Academy.

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eWorkshops on Agent Network Management

1.1 Increasing usage of digital financial services (DFS)

Are you responsible for increasing the usage of digital financial services? However, do y

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1.2 Selecting, recruiting and training agents

Are you under pressure to increase your number of agents rapidly? But would you rather in

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1.3 Planning and managing agent liquidity

Is usage of your services low because agents are often out of cash or float? But does it

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1.4 Monitoring and coaching agents onsite

Do some of your agents seem careless or disorganised? Don’t they seem to implement the

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