Core Expertise

PHB Development has deep expertise in the following areas:


We assist financial institutions and mobile network operators to diagnose the legal framework and identify available opportunities as well as limitations to take into account. We also help them comply with existing rules (e.g. licenses, anti-money laundering, know your customer regulations). We help governments and international development agencies identify and define improvements in the legal framework for digital financial services.

Business models

We help financial institutions and mobile network operators understand and select the best business model for getting involved in, or getting more out of digital financial services. We assist in formulating strategies and operational plans, and in preparing for implementation. We also assist governments and international development agencies promote digital finance and explain the options available and their practical implications.


We help financial institutions and mobile network operators build the solid win-win partnerships that are necessary for successful digital financial services. We work with international development agencies to catalyse and strengthen these partnerships.

Products & markets

We help our clients analyse the demand for and supply of digital financial services, with a focus on the underbanked. On this basis, we assist in the design or improvement of products and services, the production of financial projections and the definition of market entry strategies.


We help our clients assess existing and potential new delivery channels for financial services that target the underbanked. We also assist them in building their agent networks for the distribution of services and developing the systems and human resources for managing these networks.

Organisational structure & business processes

We help our clients establish and strengthen the organisational structure and business processes that are necessary for successfully managing digital financial services. We assist them in setting up the required systems and procedures for effectively measuring and managing their performance.


We provide expert guidance to our clients in the procurement and implementation of the IT solutions that the new products or delivery channels require. After assisting in the selection of the most appropriate hardware and software, we also provide help in implementation.

If you are interested in our advisory services, please contact Philippe Breul at pbreul@phbdevelopment.com

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