1.2 Selecting, recruiting and training agents



Are you under pressure to increase your number of agents rapidly? But would you rather increase the number of productive agents that don’t need much support? In this eWorkshop you will learn how to select and recruit those agents that will help you increase usage efficiently.

Topics Included

  • Identifying potential agents
  • Assessing and pre-selecting potential agents
  • Screening and qualifying pre-selected agents
  • Onboarding and training agents


This online eWorkshop is a highly interactive, professionally facilitated learning event built around an exchange of experience among peers. The course is designed for people who work in busy jobs, have limited access to computers and work in environments where internet is slow and not always reliable.

For the duration of the course (5 weeks), participants must have:

  • Time to study 1 hour a day, at any time during the day or the evening
  • Access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet during that 1 hour

Target audiences

  • Field staff directly responsible for managing agents (e.g. channel banking officers, branchless banking officers, mobile banking supervisors, agents reps etc.)
  • Branch managers and supervisors responsible for providing leadership to the introduction and expansion of digital financial services in their area, and for supporting field staff
  • Head office and regional staff supervising and supporting the above

*The minimum number of participants per course is 20.

Are you interested in this eWorkshop? Or are you looking for something related? Please contact us at academy@phbdevelopment.com

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