PHB to lead digital finance session of Boulder Microfinance Training in July

Expert course (in French) to apply PHB Academy skills in implementing digital finance

Philippe Breul, founder of PHB Development, will teach in the French language sessions of the Boulder Microfinance Training Program, which will be held from 17 July to 4 August 2017 in Turin, Italy. In 2 one-week courses, he will share his experience and strategies in implementing digital finance.

“Boulder is the most advanced microfinance training institute, and I was happy to receive the invitation to teach there for the first time,” said Mr. Breul. “Through our PHB Academy, we’ve developed successful ways of training and building capacities based on insights into the way adults learn. I’m looking forward to sharing this expertise in the Boulder sessions.”

The first course will address opportunities and strategies for microfinance institutions to integrate digital financial services (DFS) into their operations. Mr. Breul will work directly with course participants on what models can be most effective in their environment. “The best cases where successful methods have been developed and implemented will be examined, as well as initiatives that have failed. It’s, of course, important to learn from both,” he said.

“In the second course, we will explore various agent network strategies: using an existing agent network or building, managing and improving one’s own. In this aspect, establishing strong partnerships with stakeholders such as technical service providers and mobile network operators is key to progress.”

Core aims of the courses:

  • Familiarize participants with a set of digital finance business models. These models are described in six DFS Toolkits published by UNCDF Microlead in collaboration with authors and practitioners from PHB Academy.
  • Guide participants in moving beyond theory by working on actual case examples to apply practical tools documented in the Toolkits.
  • Use these models and tools to lead participants in developing a digital finance or agent network strategy for their own institutions, or one which they support.

“During the courses, I will bring in essential insights from behavioral economics and human-centered design. The digital transition is much more than a matter of technology. It is, first of all, a matter of understanding human motivations, and ensuring that digital products and channels help customers and staff achieve their objectives,” Mr. Breul explained.

The Boulder courses will provide an opportunity for participants to look across their national borders to learn from more than 100 digital finance projects that PHB has implemented in Africa and Asia. Moreover, the courses will enable them to discuss these projects with people from all types of environments. “A course that brings together small NGOs, big banks, and governments from different countries to learn together is always a massive experience,” Mr. Breul said.

This blog article will also be published in French on the PHB website: https://www.phbdevelopment.com/fr/

For more information (in French) on the Boulder MFT, visit https://www.bouldermicrofinance.org/boulder/FR/MFT_FR
24 May 2017


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