Course 1.0:- DFS for beginners

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Innovate or die! Going digital is a matter of survival for financial institutions. But what does it really mean to go digital? What are the options and the risks? See how Digital Financial Services (DFS) can improve client satisfaction and outreach. And find out what it takes to get a return on investment.

This course is for people who want to know the basics of DFS and Alternative Delivery Channels (ADC). It clarifies the benefits and the challenges of digital options, and equips participants with knowledge and skills required to embark on the digital journey.

Core module (2 days)

With this essential module, participants will understand the role of financial institutions in the digital finance ecosystem. They will be able to distinguish six different DFS business models: 1) Using mobile technology 2) Being an agent for a third party 3) Using an existing agent network 4) Developing one’s own agent network 5) Developing a mobile channel 6) Being a mobile money provider. They will understand the benefits and the risks of each model.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the role of financial institutions in DFS
  • Applying six different business models for going digital
  • Comparing benefits and drawbacks of different models

Applied modules (1 day each)

Participants are required to participate in at least one applied module. Upon completion of each module, they will be able to conduct another essential step in going digital.

  • Module A: Assessing opportunities and risks of going digital in a particular market
  • Module B: Conducting a DFS readiness assessment
  • Module C: Preparing a digital finance strategy

Target audiences

This course targets Board members and CEOs of banks and non-bank financial institutions, as well as senior managers involved in product development, operations and ICT. It is also beneficial for government officials and central bank staff responsible for the regulation and supervision of the banking, microfinance and digital finance sectors.

Representatives of support networks, investors and donor organisations involved in financial inclusion will find the course enlightening as well.

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