Course2.3:- Managing agents and liquidity


Research shows that the number of transactions conducted by agents and the quality of their services are both closely related to how they are supervised. Financial institutions are well advised to help agents plan and manage their liquidity. Monitoring agents closely and providing the right coaching in turn improves performance.

This course is for institutions that aim to set up their own agent network, or have already done so. It is also highly useful for institutions that use a third party agent network, and have influence on the way agents are selected and trained

Course objectives

Participants will be able to adapt and apply tools for planning and managing agent liquidity. They will be able to develop strategies for helping agent to improve their cash flow management, and thus guarantee service to clients. Participants will also be able to adapt and apply tools for onsite monitoring. Coaching agents and their supervisors to improve performance is another important expertise to be gained in this course.


  • Planning agent cash flow
  • Monitoring agent transactions and balances
  • Diversifying agent options to rebalance
  • Improving agent liquidity management
  • Developing tools to measure performance and define actions
  • Principles of coaching: The GROW method
  • Coaching agents and agent supervisors to improve their performance

Target audience

This course targets senior managers of banks and non-bank financial institutions. It is particularly interesting for managers involved in operations, digital finance services and agent network management. Representatives of support networks, investors and donor organisations involved in financial inclusion will gain valuable insights in agent management.

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