Course 2.1:- Marketing and selling digital financial products and services

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Communicating the benefits of a product to intended customers is absolutely vital. Moreover, increasing the use of digital financial products requires an effective marketing strategy as well as hands-on sales expertise.

This course is for people who aim to develop marketing and branding strategies for their digital products, and understand skills needed by staff to promote the products face-to-face. It is highly useful for institutions that want to transform their frontline staff into their most valuable ambassadors.

Course objectives

Participants will be able to design an effective marketing and branding strategy for existing digital finance products. They will define key messages that convert registered clients into active users of digital services. They will also be able to identify and manage relevant media for productive dissemination. In addition, participants will know how to increase the use of digital products through direct sales interactions with clients, and follow-up on all areas of need.


  • Above-the-line and below-the-line marketing to gain and retain clients
  • The customer journey: from awareness to active usage
  • Choosing/managing key media, and defining core messages
  • Building credibility through branding or co-branding
  • Building sales skills – The ABC approach to sales
  • Selling new channels internally – getting buy-in

Target audience

This course targets senior managers of banks and non-bank financial institutions. It is particularly interesting for managers involved in product development, marketing and operations. Representatives of support networks, investors and donor organisations involved in financial inclusion will also benefit from the course.

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