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PHB Academy celebrates a new class of eWorkshop graduates

On 1 May, PHB Academy had the pleasure of issuing certificates to 19 participants for successfully completing its 5-week eWorkshop, Increasing Usage of Digital Financial Services. The women and men in the course included eBanking managers, operations managers and branch managers from financial institutions in Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda.

“The last five weeks had been very interesting with lots of great ideas. The topics discussed during these periods created a new desire in me to ensure that beneficiaries of my organization expand their usage of digital financial services. It was great working with everyone,” said Ernest Wah, Access to Finance Manager, CNFA Liberia.
Activities during the interactive online eWorkshop included teams designing training for clients on how to use digital channels, and preparing a meeting with branch staff to get their buy-in for the new channels. As a final assignment, each participant developed a guide for training agents how to convince clients to conduct more digital transactions.

“I learned how to frequently engage the staff and client to ensure what they were trained on is being practiced,” said Abaampah Ohene-Mensah, a Branch Manager at Opportunity International Savings & Loans in Ghana. “It was also interesting when a fellow course participant asked if clients who cannot read or write can use DFS. I shared with the team that it is possible with frequent client support. This is happening in my country right now,” Mr. Ohene-Mensah continued.

About the eWorkshops

Created in 2015, PHB eWorkshops are the closest online equivalent to face-to-face workshops, as participants come to know each other through working online together on common challenges. Highly interactive with professionally-facilitated learning, the eWorkshops are built around an exchange of experience among about 20-30 participants. Tasks are designed according to collaborative problem-based learning principles and require applying newly-learned skills in the context of real-life situations. This first eWorkshop of 2017 ran from 6 March to 7 April.

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11 May 2017


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